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Nine factors of casting porosity formation and 5 improvement measures of process (2)

1) The technological measures to prevent subcutaneous stomata mainly include: 2) Desulfurization treatment. The so-called desulphurization, that is, as far as possible, the sulfur in the molten iron is transferred to the slag, and then eliminated, the less FeS in the molten iron, the higher the desulphurization efficiency, appropriately increasing the basicity of the desulphurized […]

Nine factors of casting porosity formation and 5 improvement measures of process (1)

The subcutaneous blowhole is a common casting defect in wet-type Ductile Iron Castings, so it has a prevalent deficiency and is especially sensitive to thin-walled castings. The reason is that the thin-walled castings have a fast solidification speed. The gas can not form bubbles in time, and the thick-walled castings have a slow solidification speed […]

Grinding balls heat treatment machine

Grinding balls heat treatment machine is used to do the quenching, tempering process for the casting grinding media balls and cylpebs with daily processing 15-30tons. The heat treatment furnace is tunnel type, the workpieces are loaded in the baskets. 

Heat Treatment Machine Delivery

At the beginning of July, passed through almost half-year after signing the contract, tilting type heat treatment machine along with the other products, like mining used rollers, have dispatched to Shanghai port to Kenya company. The estimated delivery time is about 45days. Trust our client will be satisfied with our machine.

Detailed introduction of permanent mold casting process -4

After the casting process drawing, the metal mold design can be carried out. The design content mainly includes determining the structure, size, core, exhaust system, and ejector mechanism of the metal mould. The designed metal mold should be simple in structure, convenient in processing, reasonable in material selection, safe and reliable