• Auxiliary Equipment for Auto Molding Line

    Automatic Sand Precoating And Waste Sand Recyling Plant

    sand process for casting grinding balls

1. 150kgs automatic sand precoated plant

The components of precoated sand used on molding line: 

  • Sea sand : 70-140 mesh: 100kgs
  • Resin:1.8kgs
  • Unotropine:0.27kgs
  • calcium stearate: 1.26kgs
  • Break-down agent (melting agent): 100ml (200kgs)

Main composition of the sand precoated line:

Bucket, Heating device, Sand mixer, Vibrating cooling system and Automatic adding material system etc.

The whole equipment consists of : automatic adding material system, weight system, heating system, cooling system, equipped dust remover system, control system,non-standard steel structure etc.

The main parameters

  • Power: three phrases/single phrase: 380/220V±15%  50Hz
  • Industrial water: pressure: 0.15Mpa   
  • Air compressing:≥0.45Mpa.
  • Working environment temperature:-12~45℃

Working Video

2. 2T/h waste sand recycling plant

Working Video

During the working, the grinding ball molding line generates many waste burned sand. But most of them can be used again. It needs the sand recycling machine. 

The whole plant parameters and working process

  • Power:three phrase/single phrase:380/220V±15%  50Hz
  • Industrial power: pressure:0.15Mpa, temperature:<200degrees
  • Compressing air:≥0.45Mpa
  • Consumption of air: 22m3/ton
  • Final sand temperature:≦50 degrees
  • Environment temperature:-12~45℃ (real working temperature)
  • The whole process for sand recycling: Waste sand tank→belt conveyor→crusher→bucket elevator→sand bucket→adding material→burning→cooling and dust removing→bucket elevator→sieve→bucket elevator→final sand tank→silicon sand

The whole set of waste sand recycling production line consists of :

sand breaking system, burning system, screening system, recovery system, equipped dust remover system, control system, non-standard steel structure etc.

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