Pouring the molten iron (melt by induction furnace)  into the molds (dies) to form the balls.

    machine for producing grinding media by Hexin

Grinding Media Balls Manufacturing

There are two methods to casting high chrome grinding media balls manufacturing: grinding balls metal mould (dies), called ‘Manu Method’; automatic grinding balls production line, called ‘auto method’.

Annual ProductivityBellow 3 000 tons5 000tons to 15 000tons
Producing Balls Sizedia10mm to dia150mmdia30mm to dia150mm
Operatorsaccording to annual output (labor +)4-5 operators
Investment Costs$2 000.0+$ 380 000.0 +
Sand UsingCommon SandPrecoated Sand
Quality of Produced BallsGoodExcellent

MANU – Grinding Balls Metal Mould

Grinding Balls Metal Mould is the most welcomed method to produce casting mill balls. There are more than 300 hundred foundries producing mill balls by this mode. 

It consists of grinding balls metal mold and pattern, these two are used together. Using the pattern to fill the mixed common sand at the pouring gate of ball mold. The ball mould is made of Grey Iron (HT200 Material), and the high-temperature molten iron contact with the inner side of mould directly. It has good performance in exhaust and high-yield.

The produced mill balls have precise size, smooth surface, beautiful appearance, good wearable performance, no disorder mold, no shrinkage, high utilization. It can produce balls from dia25mm to dia150mm. 

We suggest that the smallest size of the metal mould is dia25mm. For smaller sizes, we recommend another method. 

The manual method is the most popular way for grinding media balls manufacturing. 

Mill balls produced by metal mould

grinding ball metal mold

The ball core of this type of grinding media metal mold can be replaced after damaging so that can reduce the maintenance fees.

pattern used for produce mill balls

This is the pattern used with ball mould for sand molding.  Dozens of ball mold equipped with one pattern. 

dia40mm metal mold

This type of media mould (dies) cannot replace the ball core due to the small size. (Usually size bellow dia60mm balls, we suggest use kind of moulds.)

Dia8-30mm grinding balls sandbox metal mould

This type of mould is used to produce grinding media mill balls from dia10mm to dia40mm.  Considering the productivity of metal mould for producing the small size of balls is too low, sandbox moulds can meet the producing requirements. 

It consists of two types: sandbox mould & pattern. Sandbox size is fixed, so it means for producing different size of balls, only need to replace pattern.  And one pattern equipped with about 20 pairs of sandbox for one operator. The working principle is similar to the Disa production line. 

Easy to operate, low producing costs. The produced balls quality is good enough after heat treatment. 

sand box mold for making mill balls
sand mold for making cylpebs
pattern for making chrome ball mill balls
sand box iron mold for making balls
grinding balls making tooling
final micro-balls for ball mill

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AUTO – Automatic casting grinding media balls molding line

Automatic casting high chrome grinding media ball production line is widely used to produce mill balls from dia30mm to dia150mm. The whole production line is high automation with the annual production range from 5 000tons to 15 000 tons. This is another high-efficiency way for grinding media balls manufacturing. 

It adopts the sand coating metal mold process, widely used to produce the chrome ball grinding media (mill ball), crankshaft, brake drum, wheel hub, casting ball, casting section, water meter case, engine cylinder cover, and some other medium-small size of castings.

This producing machine has the ability to remote maintenance & diagnose remote failure functions. The operators for the molding line are responsible for pouring, auxiliary cleaning, monitoring, sand core setting works.

It consists of Three Main Parts: Molding line + Tilting type pouring system+ Metal molds.

The whole working process of the grinding media molding line 

automatic casting grinding media ball molding line

1. Molding line

There are two sizes of the grinding media molding line; one is the lower annual output, 5 000tons to 10 000tons; another type is 10 000tons to 15 000tons. All working stations are the same. 

Main Technical Parameters:

  • Working method: open type+ flexible transport+multilevel supply drive operation mode. (The production line and pouring system, working separately and cooperated steadily.)
  • Driving method: Hydraulic drive + pneumatic
  • Loading power capacity: 100KW (not include air compressor)
  • Air compressor: air consumption:3m³/min or 5m³/min; working pressure:0.8Mpa
  • Unloading working tempo:50″/time
  • Control method:automation control+remote service
  • Operators for molding line: 4 operators. One is for sand molding(sand blowing part); one is for pouring, operate the pouring system; one is for cleaning molten iron slag on the mold after pouring; one is for waste sand mold cleaning.
  • Molding line function: two different sizes of balls producing at the same time

The whole grinding media balls production line drives by hydraulic, pneumatic and electric method, PLC automatic control. At the same time, it has the touch screen on the control panel which is to monitor the whole producing process, and automatic alarms when the machine has the problems — for each working position, arranging the sub-control box which shows the working condition and has the emergency stop button.

2. Pouring System

We adopt YDJZJ series tilting type pouring system as the pouring machine for the grinding balls making machine.

It’s easy to operate, press buttons to finish the whole process; It’s safe, there is a separate operating room for workers, so that eliminate the risk of operating; Its energy saving, the kilowatt is only 5.5KW; It’s stable, the driving mode is hydraulic. 

Main technical data for pouring machine 

  • The total power of machine: 5.5KW
  • Total weight about machine: about 5tons
  • Ladle size: 1200kg, 1500kg, 2000kg, 2500kg
  • The max tilt angel:90°
  • Rotated speed:Stepless Adjustable
  • Working pressure:6Mpa
  • Drive mode: hydraulic
  • The scope of application:Different kinds of casting molding lines

Working Process of the pouring machine

  • Metal mold coated precoated sand

    metal mold making mill balls
  • Grinding ball metal die

    metal mold(dies) for making grinding balls
  • Mill ball metal mold

    mill balls metal die
  • Grinding media molds

    grinding media metal mold

3. Metal Mold

As the grinding balls production line has two sizes according to the productivity, the metal molds worked on the molding line also have two sizes: one is 630mm * 630mm, the weight is about 420kgs per pair,  and another is 840mm*840mm, the weight is about 900kgs/pair. The material is HT 250 (grey iron). 

The metal molds should be heated up to 200-300 degrees so that the precoated sand can be solidified and forming a 2-3mm ball shell coated in the cavities of the metal mold. Details see the pictures in the right. One the one hand, it can length the hot iron cooling times, one the other hand, it can protect mold’s working life. 

Do Want To Get More Information about Grinding Media Molding line? 

Videos for Manual Metal Mold

Videos for Automatic Molding Line

Auxiliary Equipment For manual metal molds

Small Pouring Ladle Car

pouring ladle car

This tool is used for load the molten iron and then pouring to the grinding ball molds (dies).  

Considering the weight of molten iron can up to 30-40kgs according to different size of balls, it’s heavy for workers to oeprate. With the help of pouring ladle car, reduce labor tense and ensure pouring process is more smoothly so that to get better quality of casting balls. 

Sand Mixer

foundry sand mixer

Sand Mixer is used to grind different meshes of common sand, clay and water class to get qualified mixing sand for mill balls making. 

Auxiliary Equipment for Auto Molding Line

Sand Precoating Plant

For automatic grinding ball production line, there is an indispensable material is the precoated sand. This sand is used to coat inner cavities of the balls metal mold. The smaller the balls, the more sand used. So the sand becomes the biggest producing costs during the balls making. So, you can establish this plant to make precoated sand by your ownself. In this way, can save a lot. 

sand precoating plant

Waste Sand Recycling Plant

After producing balls, the resin is burned and remains a lot of waste sand. You can consider the local price of ordinary sand to choose whether need to recycling these sand or not. The sand recycling rate can rise to 95%. 

But this system is expensive than sand precoated plant. 

waste sand recycling machine

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