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Machining analysis and design of casting balls metal mould

The cast ball is the grinding medium widely used in ball mill, and its quality greatly influences grinding efficiency. The cast ball of dia120 in our country is generally formed by casting with metal mould with multi-cavity. The surface of the cast ball has a chilling layer and good comprehensive mechanical properties.

Export of the whole set of the casting grinding balls production line

Recently, after almost one year of discussing with each other, South Africa company Business Venture Investments 2121 (Pty) Ltd. signed the contract with us for purchasing automatic casting grinding balls production line and sand coating and recycling plant.

The Manufacturing Process Research on Medium Chrome White Cast Grinding Ball (3)

1) The mechanical properties and anti-fatigue, and impact properties of the white cast grinding balls are up to the expected values. The hardness distribution is shown in Fig. 1. The ball’s microstructure after as-cast and sub-temperature treatment is as shown in fig. 2 and Fig. 3.

The Manufacturing Process Research on Medium Chrome Cast Iron Grinding Ball (2)

2.1 Main Scheme (1) Determining the content of thixotropic element Mn according to the cast iron mill ball diameter and cooling method, adopting the correct composition design to realize the expected goal of as-cast structure, strengthening the compound modification effect of rare earth to realize the carbide necking, broken net, and bar transformation, adopting the […]