Heat treatment, including quenching and tempering, is very important for casting balls quality. It influences a lot of in HRC, Wear rate & Price for Grinding media.

Grinding balls heat treatment machine

Grinding balls heat treatment machine is used to do the quenching, tempering process for the casting grinding media balls and cylpebs with daily processing 15-30tons. The heat treatment furnace is tunnel type, the workpieces are loaded in the baskets. 

Hardening Furnace

Continuous hardening furnace is the tunnel type; the length of the furnace is usually long. Workpieces go through the inside of the furnace with different temperature sections. Hardening furnace consists of heating element, heat resistant material, refractory bricks, furnace front door, and back door, lifting system, hydraulic system, tipper. Each section of the furnace has […]

Tempering Furnace

Continuous tempering furnace is to heat treating the ferrous metal product, so as the casting grinding media balls. Casting grinding media balls are now widely used in cement, mines, thermal power station, and construction works. But the qualified grinding balls, especially for high chrome grinding balls, need to do the not only the quenching but […]

Quenching process (quenching furnace)

In materials science, quenching is the rapid cooling of a workpiece in water, oil, or air to obtain certain material properties. For oil quenching furnace, it contents the process of heating and quenching. For casting grinding balls, quenching process can be oil quenching for common high chrome balls, air quenching for super high chrome alloyed grinding balls; and for […]

What is the quenching and tempering?

In the heat treatment process, quenching and tempering is very important for casting grinding mill balls. It influences the balls hardness, inner structure, impack value. These are used to indicate a balls quality. Here briefly introduce you the  what is the quenching and tempering.