Grinding balls production line Exporting

After the new year holidays of 2022, Hexin company started to the busy packaging, loading, and exporting things. An African client orders this automatic casting grinding balls production line in 2021. After 5 months of production, Hexin company delivered on time and passed the client’s factory checking, winning praise & trusty from the customer.
Before delivery, we arranged a meeting with our manufacturing department marked all the numbers on each item, which will be more convenient for installation and commissioning. We have made all the non-standard parts at our factory in advance so that the client no need to do more work after all parts arrive. Considering that many things may be inconvenient for customers to purchase locally and maintain equipment later, we have prepared a spare parts list in advance for customers’ reference and proposed a reasonable purchase quantity.
Regarding the installation and commissioning, as the Covid may stop Hexin’s engineer’s coming steps to Africa, we cooperate with the client’s local installation team for further work. This is the new model for Hexin company. But this is also an excellent trial for the future. If we can do this successfully, it can serve clients better in different ways.

grinding balls production line exporting