automatic casting grinding media molding lineautomatic casting grinding media molding line

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Producing Process for Grinding Media

black bale for making grinding media

Raw Material

medium frequency induction melting furnace

STEP 1# Melting

automatic casting grinding ball production line

STEP 2# Making Grinding Media

making high chrome balls

Unprocessed Balls

separating machine for mill balls

STEP 3# Separating & Cleaning

tempering machine for mill balls

STEP 4# Heat Treatment Process

producing high chrome grinding media

Finished grinding balls

sandbox metal mold die for grinding media

Grinding Balls we can help you to make

Annual Output: Below 60 000tons

Balls Size: Dia10mm to Dia150mm

Chrome Contents: 1% to 28%

Producing Method: Auto & Manu

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The manufacturing process of casting chrome grinding media consists of 6 Main Steps: MeltingRaw material analysisMolding(making balls)Seprating & CleaningHeat Treatment – Packaging. For each step matches with the certain equipment, including induction melting furnace, balls making production line (metal mold), grinding media separating and cleaning machine, heat treatment machine ( quenching & tepempering) and auxiliary equipment, such as lab testers, precoated sand recycling plant etc.

For each steps, we recommend Valued, Plus, and Delux equipment based on our clients requirements. Considering target countries’ labor, environment situation will suggest the fully automatic and manual producing process to our clients.

Producing flow for grinding balls

Raw Material: Iron scrap, ferrochrome, carburant…


Lab Analysis: Spectrometer, Hardness Tester, Impack Value …


Induction Melting Furnace to melt the Raw Material


Lab Analysis: Spectrometer, Hardness Tester, Impack Value …


Molding: auto molding line or manual metal molds


Separating & Cleaning Balls


Heat treatment: quenching & tempering


Packing in iron drum or  ton plastic bag

medium frequency induction furnace

STEP 1#  Melting Part

Melting is the first step for making grinding media.  Also, there are several different furnaces to melt in the world. Gathering information from hundreds of grinding balls foundries across home and abroad,  we can find undoubtedly that medium frequency induction furnace is the most welcomed and functional.

Medium frequency induction furnace divides into to two big groups, one is aluminum shell, and another is steel shell type. Each type has the capacity from 0.25tons to 5tons with advantages. 

However, if only used for grinding ball project, we usually relate the size of the furnace to the customer’s target annual production so that to reduce the energy wasting and costs. 

Step 2#  Making grinding balls

After the raw material melt and the composition of molten iron accords with the standard of grinding ball production, then start to make grinding balls, we call this process as MOLDING.

The balls producing size is from dia10mm to dia150mm, also includes casting cylpebs, and the chrome contenting is below 30%. 

There are two methods to produce: Manual metal mold (balls dies) & Automatic molding line. The former has low investment cost and high flexibility; The latter has a high degree of automation with a prodigious output. They can meet the production requirements of different customers. 

chrome grinding mill balls producing machine

separator for balls and cylpebs

Step 3# Separating & Cleaning

After molding, the grinding media are formed with runners, pouring gate and sand together. (Sand is the necessary ingredients during the molding process). What we need to do is to separate and clean.  Ensure the grinding media clean and individual is essential to the next steps.

In this part, we recommend you two whole different machines to finish this job. One is simple but works efficiently, and another is more used in high productivity and high automation. 

Throughout the descriptions and comparisons, you can select what you need. 


Produce the qualified casting chrome grinding balls. Heat treatment is vital. It influences the balls HRC, impact value and internal microstructures. 

There are two necessary steps for casting chrome balls: quenching and tempering. Quenching, including air & oil quench, is to increase balls’ HRC. For High chrome balls, Cr over 10%, need to do this process. For tempering, both low chrome and high chrome balls should do.  It is to eliminate the inner, so that ensure the ball’s HRC from core to the surface are uniformly and increase its tenacity.

There are two heating types for heat treatment process, electricity and gas type. The client can consider the national price of energy to choose what you prefer.

heat treatment plant for grinding media
lab testing grinding balls


Above Four steps are the main parts for manufacturing grinding media. Besides, there is some other auxiliary equipment, like Lab testing equipment, waste sand recycling machine, pouring ladle car for balls forming, sand mixer, balls selection machine etc. 

For lab testers, such as the spectrometer, Rockwell hardness tester, falling ball test machine, and microscope, plays a vital role during the producing process. They help in point 2 & 4 process on above Producing Flows Diagram. 

Here is a brief description of the laboratory equipment. 


HEXIN is an energetic and youthful company, which is located in the capital of castings production base in China. 

Our professional team has over 20 years experience for casting chrome grinding media and helped hundreds enterprises and factories home and abroad in Technology Supporting & Equipment Updating. Rich foreign working experience, especial in Africa,  to accelerate the smooth implementation of the project.

Considering the investment costs, working conditions, national standards, etc. the customized plan has been designed for our clients.


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    For new projects, we will help or advise you how to plan the site and arrange the factory area according to the information you provide

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    According to your requirements, provide reasonable matching equipment and budget plan, do not let your project detour, can effectively promote the project as soon as possible to produce economic benefits.

  • Time Saving

    We can provide production grinding ball required a series of equipment, so that you can one-stop procurement and responsible for guiding the installation, save your time and energy for searching and inspecting of equipment

  • Rich Experience

    We have a wealth of grinding ball production experience and technology, in addition to the particular process, can help you to produce qualified high-quality ball.