Hardening Furnace

Continuous hardening furnace is the tunnel type; the length of the furnace is usually long. Workpieces go through the inside of the furnace with different temperature sections. Hardening furnace consists of heating element, heat resistant material, refractory bricks, furnace front door, and back door, lifting system, hydraulic system, tipper. Each section of the furnace has the thermocouple to test the temperature so that to give the signal to the PLC to control the temperature. Each section we designed two pieces of the thermocouple, one is for setting the temperature; another one is the monitor to ensure the working conditions of the thermocouples.

The brand of the PLC and touch screen we use is the Siemens. All electrical parts, like the circuit breakers, buttons, relay, are all famous international brands, like ABB, Schneider, etc.

The refractory bricks and fibers can stand 1300 centigrade degrees, which is much higher than the set temperature.

The loading baskets, wheels, and resistant runners installed side of the hardening furnace content high chrome and Nickle, which have a useful lifetime for standing heating. Like Cr24Ni7, or Cr25Ni20.

The whole process of the hardening furnace is automatic. Easy to operate, low maintenance fees, and energy-saving. Welcomed home and abroad.

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