Quenching process (quenching furnace)

In materials science, quenching is the rapid cooling of a workpiece in water, oil, or air to obtain certain material properties. For oil quenching furnace, it contents the process of heating and quenching. For casting grinding balls, quenching process can be oil quenching for common high chrome balls, air quenching for super high chrome alloyed grinding balls; and for individual alloyed steel balls, water polymer is the best quenching media. 

Here we mainly talked about the oil quenching furnace. The oil quenching furnace consists of the heat treatment furnace and quenching unit. Heat treatment furnace includes pushing device, furnace body, heating elements inside of the furnace, furnace doors, balls loading baskets, tilting device. This part is to do the heat treating process with over a thousand centigrade degrees in several hours. The quenching unit consists of the quenching tank with loading the quenching oil inside and the shaker, which works up and down during loading the heated balls so that to ensure quenched evenly. So combined them together, it is first pushing the un-processed grinding balls into the furnace and with the controlling of the PLC, pushed out and falling into the quenching tank directly and quenching for some time. This process has required the balls heating in the very high temperature and cooling down in a short time so that to produce the martensite and harden the balls, increase the ball’s strength. 

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