Export of the whole set of the casting grinding balls production line

Recently, after almost one year of discussing with each other, South Africa company Business Venture Investments 2121 (Pty) Ltd. signed the contract with us for purchasing automatic casting grinding balls production line and sand coating and recycling plant.

Although Covide influences us a lot, many projects are delayed or on hold. Due to the weak economy, many companies stopped their project development to maintain a better condition.

As the price of the ferrous and nonferrous raised several times from the end of 2020, many mines start their business again and this stimulates the demand for the casting grinding balls.

The automatic casting grinding balls production line is an experienced and mature product that has been proved by the market. Adopting chilling technology can get better-qualified casting balls. The qualified rate of products can reach 99%.

Looking forward to cooperating with more and more clients home and abroad. We will be your best choice!

grinding balls making machine