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Study on production process of low-cost new wear-resistant grinding balls(1)

Abstract:The effects of chemical composition and heat treatment on properties of the wear-resistant grinding balls were studied through hardness and impelling strength test, metallographic structure analysis. The study used an orthogonal test instead of a fixed variable method for a shorter experimental cost and time. The experimental results show that the wear-resistant grinding balls show […]

Casting Production of Chromium Series Cast Iron Grinding Balls (2)

3.1  Matrix structure (1) Carbide and Martensite The microstructure of the chromium grinding balls are mainly carbide, and the carbide of high hardness in white cast iron is Fe3C, Cr3C, (Fe, CR)3C, Cr7C3, Cr22C6, WC, TiC, etc. , therefore, the size, number, distribution, shape of the grinding ball has a direct impact on the performance.

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Casting Production of Chrome Series Cast Iron Grinding Balls (1)

ZHANG Zhou1,LUO You-gen2,YING Gen-peng3 (1.Hangzhou Xuelin Science- Technology Development Service, Hangzhou 310012, China; 2. Longyou Hengshan Steel Ball Factory, Longyou 324406, China; 3. Hangzhou Aobao Chemical Co. Ltd., Hangzhou 310012, China) Abstract:A brief introduction was made to the chemical compositions, matrix structure, mechanical properties, and melting process of chromium series cast iron grinding balls. The […]

Study on the application of high chrome grinding balls instead of low chrome grinding balls in molybdenum ore (2)

2.1 High and low chrome balls contrast The production practice shows that the strength and wear resistance of the low chrome grinding balls are low and easy to be broken, which makes the broken ball rate and the out-of-round rate higher and has a particular influence on the grinding effect. The surface of high chrome […]

Study on the application of high chrome grinding balls instead of low chrome grinding balls in molybdenum ore (1)

Abstract: To solve the problem that the ball unit consumption is too high and the particle size of grinding products shifts to coarse size after the reformation of the grinding system and the optimization of the ball diameter ratio in a molybdenum concentrator. The comparison of chemical composition and mechanical properties between High Chrome Grinding […]