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Influence of Filling Modes on Blowhole Defects of High Chromium Cast Iron Grinding Ball (1)

Abstract: To solve the problem of the blowhole defects in the center and on the high chromium cast iron grinding ball’s surface, the influence of the two filling modes—one-ball mold and four-ball mold on blowhole defects were analyzed. The result indicated that the four-ball m old’s venting effect with parting—line gating system is better. The impact […]

Study on production process of low-cost new wear-resistant grinding balls (2)

According to the hardness value and the impact toughness data, the hardness trend charts are drawn: 1; the impact toughness trend Charts as follows: Fig. 2.

Study on production process of low-cost new wear-resistant grinding balls(1)

Abstract:The effects of chemical composition and heat treatment on properties of the wear-resistant grinding balls were studied through hardness and impelling strength test, metallographic structure analysis. The study used an orthogonal test instead of a fixed variable method for a shorter experimental cost and time. The experimental results show that the wear-resistant grinding balls show […]

Casting Production of Chromium Series Cast Iron Grinding Balls (2)

3.1  Matrix structure (1) Carbide and Martensite The microstructure of the chromium grinding balls are mainly carbide, and the carbide of high hardness in white cast iron is Fe3C, Cr3C, (Fe, CR)3C, Cr7C3, Cr22C6, WC, TiC, etc. , therefore, the size, number, distribution, shape of the grinding ball has a direct impact on the performance.