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tempering heat treatment furnace

Tempering Furnace

Continuous tempering furnace is to heat treating the ferrous metal product, so as the casting grinding media balls. Casting grinding media balls are now widely used in cement, mines, thermal power station, and construction works. But the qualified grinding balls, especially for high chrome grinding balls, need to do the not only the quenching but […]

grinding media manufacturing process

Grinding media manufacturing process

The grinding media is widely used in metallurgical mines, cement building materials, thermal power generation, flue gas desulfurization, and other industries ball mill. But what is the manufacturing process of the grinding media? We will explain here clearly. (Here we mainly talked about the casting grinding media.)

Grinding Media Molding Line

Automatic grinding media molding line is widely used to produce alloyed grinding media balls for different types and sizes. It adopts metal iron  mold which can realize the chilling process to make the balls’ grains refining.

grinding balls production line

What is the grinding balls production line?

What is the grinding balls production line? The grinding balls production line is designed by Ningguo Hexin company. Adopts PLC intelligent automatic program control, which has the advantages of safety and energy-saving, high automation degree, stable product quality, high production efficiency, and simple operation.


7.1 The ball shall be inspected by the quality inspection department of the manufacturer. 7.2 Inspection classification: inspection is divided into factory inspection and type inspection. 7.3 The inspection items are diameter deviation (1), shape deviation(5.2), chemical composition (5.3), surface hardness (5.4.1), appearance quality (5.7.1,5.7.2).