Application of alloy high chrome grinding balls in cement mill (1)

ABSTRACT: The application of high chrome alloy grinding balls in cement mill is summarized in this paper. The test results show that high chromium alloy cast ball can effectively improve the economic benefit of the mill and its popularization value is expounded.

Key words: High Chrome Alloy Grinding Balls; Cement Mill; application; test; economic benefit.

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As the leading equipment of material grinding in the cement industry, ball mill has been widely used. The grinding body is an important consumable material in the operation of the ball mill. Its quality is related to the output and running rate of ball mill and directly affects workers’ production cost and labor intensity. It is well known that steel balls are the main grinding bodies used in mills. Over the years, through the research and development of the vast number of scientific and technological workers, the types of grinding balls have changed from ordinary carbon steel balls, to bainite grinding ball, low (middle, high chrome alloy grinding ball, and other fields. The cast alloy high chrome grinding ball is a kind of abrasive body with high anti-wear and anti-impact ability. The application test proves that it is a kind of ideal abrasive body with low production consumption and good economic benefit. The author of Fengjiang (machine shaft kiln) cement plant 2 # cement mill a warehouse application test, summarized as follows, for colleagues’ reference.

1. Chemical composition and mechanical property of the alloy high chrome grinding balls

chemical composition of high chrome grinding balls
grinding balls mechanical property

2. Process conditions of cement mill for test

2.1 Specification performance of ball mill (see the table 3)

2.2 Grinding material parameters of mill (see Table 4 for details)

grinding material

2.3 Grinding body grading of the mill (see Table 5 for details)

grinding grade of ball mill