Improvement and optimization of gating system for metal mold ball production line (3)

3.3 Implementation Process

The angle sensor is added to the equipment (pouring system on the balls production line), and the internal program is modified. First, the simulated pouring experiment with tap water is carried out, and then the trial production of hot metal is carried out. According to the observation on the spot and the data’s comparison, the basic rule of setting the program parameters is as follows: when the melting furnace is just started, the flow rate is easy to control and is relatively stable. In order to ensure the quality of the poured grinding balls, a relatively large flow rate (> 1 Kg/s) is required, and the fast burning rate is also the maximum; the advance should be small (diameter 130mm grinding balls, the advance is 1kg), in a word, because it is stable and easy to control, the flow parameters should be large, the advance should be small; with the pouring process, when the furnace body is dumped at the same angle, more molten iron is poured out, the flow is large and fast and difficult to control, therefore, the parameter flow, fast pouring volume should have a decreasing trend, the trend should increase the advance. The period time distribution law: the fast pouring quantity stage time is relatively short; the slow pouring stage time is long.

Finally, the optimization of pouring parameters is realized. The stable pouring of the iron level is realized, the shortage of pouring and overflow die is well solved, and the best and quantitative pouring is realized.

4.Effect of reconstruction

The installation of new weighing sensors and angle sensors for three months, the program’s modification, the simulation of idle motion, and the simulation of production are followed by trial production. Taking the production diameter of 130mm as an example, eight pouring formulas are tested, continuous automatic pouring is realized by controlling the first pouring speed, and the second pouring speed parameters.

Through trial production, the abnormal condition of the “piercing box” mainly appeared, which led to the penetration of liquid metal into the mould’s bottom and damaged the sensor at the bottom of the metal mould. On this basis, we reserved the “piercing box” metal liquid drainage opening at the bottom to avoid the damage of the sensor. After continuous reform, the original production workers of the metal mold ball production line’s casting process were reduced from four to two, and the Labor intensity was also greatly reduced. The qualified rate of the cast steel ball was raised to 91.5%.

The technical transformation result we also carried on the patent application protection and obtained the invention patent authorization (patent number: CN201310180083.2).


For the improvement and optimization of the gating system of our company’s metal mold ball production line, the goal of automatic continuous pouring was realized, the influence of artificial operation on the quality of the pouring products was reduced, and the qualified rate of the products was greatly increased, and greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers. However, there are still difficulties in the continuous production process of steel ball de-molding, clamping, affecting the production schedule; we need to further detect the mold in the production process of temperature on the impact’s expansion coefficient rectification, to batch production.

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