Grinding Media Balls, mill balls for ball mill, including casting balls and forged steel balls, tell you the difference and how to select.

Experimental study on air quenched high chromium grinding balls (1)

There are many kinds of grinding media used in various ball mills at present. Among them is Martensite Ductile Iron Grinding Ball, high carbon low chromium table gold casting ball, P-Cu-ti multi-element, alloy casting ball, cr-v-ti casting ball, Cr-Mo-Cu self-cast iron grinding ball, multi-element table, gold cast steel meal ball, high chromium grinding ball, high […]


According to the actual situation of grinding ball production, the cause and effect analysis chart (see Fig. 5) is used to analyze and study the factors which may lead to slag inclusion and fly edge defects from five aspects: man, machine, material, method, and ring.

Analysis and Countermeasures of the Causes Affecting the Surface Quality of Casting Grinding Balls (1)

Jinduicheng Molybdenum Industry Group Co. , Ltd.  Mechanical and Electrical Repair Factory (Shanxi Hua County, 714102) He Guoqiang, Wang Wei) Abstract: The main reasons which affect the surface quality of the casting grinding balls are analyzed and the corresponding countermeasures are made. The quality of the casting grinding ball, which is the most easily worn […]

Production and Application of the Austenitic High Chrome Cast Iron Grinding Ball (2)

The as-cast and austenitic matrix structure can be obtained through the reasonable design of the chemical composition, strict control of each element’s content, and rapid cooling process. The volume content of AUSTENITE is 55% ~ 70%, the amount of carbide is 20% ~ 26%.

Production and Application of the Austenitic High Chrome Cast Iron Grinding Ball (1)

Zhang Bao-jie , QIAO Xiao2ai , Liu Wen-hui ( Shanxi Linfen Mechanical Casting Factory , Linfen 041000 , China) Abstract :This article mainly introduces production and applction of the high chrome cast iron austenitic grinding ball. For obtaining austenite in casting state , the balls have stronger impact toughness. In addition, martensite transformation happens under impact wear […]

Application of high chrome alloy grinding balls in cement mill (2)

Since April 1, 2001, when the cement mill gave up the use of low-chromium alloy cast ball to replace the use of high-chromium Alloy cast ball, two months after the cement’s normal operation mill under suitable technological conditions. On June 1, 2001, the test was carried out by Fengjiang Cement Research Center. The test results […]

Application of alloy high chrome grinding balls in cement mill (1)

ABSTRACT: The application of high chrome alloy grinding balls in cement mill is summarized in this paper. The test results show that high chromium alloy cast ball can effectively improve the economic benefit of the mill and its popularization value is expounded. Key words: High Chrome Alloy Grinding Balls; Cement Mill; application; test; economic benefit.

Improvement and optimization of gating system for metal mold ball production line (3)

The angle sensor is added to the equipment (pouring system on the balls production line), and the internal program is modified. First, the simulated pouring experiment with tap water is carried out, and then the trial production of hot metal is carried out. According to the observation on the spot and the data’s comparison, the […]

Improvement and optimization of gating system for metal mold ball production line (2)

New automatic gating system control method: 1) The intermediate frequency holding furnace is tilting to obtain the Tundish’s total weight, and the molten metal poured into the Tundish. The Tundish is connected between the mold for processing the casting molding on the automatic pouring production line and the gating system of the intermediate frequency holding […]

Improvement and optimization of gating system for metal mold casting balls molding line

Abstract: The company’s original metal mold casting balls molding line using 1.2tons of medium-frequency induction furnace, the adoption of manual hydraulic control pouring to metal mold, often cast off, pouring dissatisfaction, overflow mold situation, based on the analysis of the pouring situation, the quantitative pouring was realized by controlling the pouring speed in stages, and […]