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Detailed introduction of permanent mold casting process -1

According to the characteristics of the permanent mold casting process, in order to ensure the casting quality, simplify the permanent mold structure and make full use of its technical and economic benefits, the structure of permanent mold casting must be analyzed and a reasonable casting process must be worked out.

Quenching and tempering technology of ductile iron castings

Austenitizing is the first step in the quenching of Ductile Iron Castings. The austenitizing temperature is 860-880 °C, and the holding time is 1 hour for every 25mm thick casting, which is the same as that of normalizing and annealing. After the insulation is finished, it cools quickly in the flowing air. After quenching, the castings […]

Hardening Furnace

Continuous hardening furnace is the tunnel type; the length of the furnace is usually long. Workpieces go through the inside of the furnace with different temperature sections. Hardening furnace consists of heating element, heat resistant material, refractory bricks, furnace front door, and back door, lifting system, hydraulic system, tipper. Each section of the furnace has […]

Tempering Furnace

Continuous tempering furnace is to heat treating the ferrous metal product, so as the casting grinding media balls. Casting grinding media balls are now widely used in cement, mines, thermal power station, and construction works. But the qualified grinding balls, especially for high chrome grinding balls, need to do the not only the quenching but […]

Grinding media manufacturing process

The grinding media is widely used in metallurgical mines, cement building materials, thermal power generation, flue gas desulfurization, and other industries ball mill. But what is the manufacturing process of the grinding media? We will explain here clearly. (Here we mainly talked about the casting grinding media.)


7.1 The ball shall be inspected by the quality inspection department of the manufacturer. 7.2 Inspection classification: inspection is divided into factory inspection and type inspection. 7.3 The inspection items are diameter deviation (1), shape deviation(5.2), chemical composition (5.3), surface hardness (5.4.1), appearance quality (5.7.1,5.7.2).