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Trial-manufacture and application of as-cast low chrome alloy casting balls (1)

Chen Mulin. Development & Application of As-cast Low Cr Alloy Ball.  Development and application of as-cast low chrome alloy balls have been introduced. Proper chemical compositions and cast technology parameters have been via experiments determined to produce cast balls without heat treatment capable of being put into application in large and medium industrial ball crushers. With […]

Analysis and Countermeasures of the Causes Affecting the Surface Quality of Casting Grinding Balls (1)

Jinduicheng Molybdenum Industry Group Co. , Ltd.  Mechanical and Electrical Repair Factory (Shanxi Hua County, 714102) He Guoqiang, Wang Wei) Abstract: The main reasons which affect the surface quality of the casting grinding balls are analyzed and the corresponding countermeasures are made. The quality of the casting grinding ball, which is the most easily worn […]

Production and Application of the Austenitic High Chrome Cast Iron Grinding Ball (1)

Zhang Bao-jie , QIAO Xiao2ai , Liu Wen-hui ( Shanxi Linfen Mechanical Casting Factory , Linfen 041000 , China) Abstract :This article mainly introduces production and applction of the high chrome cast iron austenitic grinding ball. For obtaining austenite in casting state , the balls have stronger impact toughness. In addition, martensite transformation happens under impact wear […]