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Application of new MQ-P-T technology in white cast iron balls (1)

Abstract: Fe-2.4C-12Cr high chrome white cast iron balls with a diameter of 80mm was quenched and tempered with water and air by MQ-P-T method, analysis of mechanical properties and microstructure, weaving, alignment, comparison. The strengthening and toughening mechanism of MQ-P-T treated high chromium cast iron was investigated using micro-and microstructure characterization. The results show that […]

Trial-manufacture and application of as-cast low chrome alloy casting balls (2)

According to the requirements of mechanical properties, after repeated tests, the following chemical composition and scope have been designed: Carbon is the basic element that affects its structure and properties and the important factor that affects the properties of alloy grinding balls. With the increase of carbon content, the EUTECTIC carbides increased and distributed in […]

Trial-manufacture and application of as-cast low chrome alloy casting balls (1)

Chen Mulin. Development & Application of As-cast Low Cr Alloy Ball.  Development and application of as-cast low chrome alloy balls have been introduced. Proper chemical compositions and cast technology parameters have been via experiments determined to produce cast balls without heat treatment capable of being put into application in large and medium industrial ball crushers. With […]

Process control of metal mold produced high chrome casting balls

In recent years, high chromium metal mold casting grinding ball has been widely used. In cement, electric power and mining industry and in the water, mud production, replaced, the pebble ball has achieved significant social benefits, market demand, and increasing. How to ensure the quality and meet users’ needs, production process control has become a […]

Experimental study on air quenched high chromium grinding balls (1)

There are many kinds of grinding media used in various ball mills at present. Among them is Martensite Ductile Iron Grinding Ball, high carbon low chromium table gold casting ball, P-Cu-ti multi-element, alloy casting ball, cr-v-ti casting ball, Cr-Mo-Cu self-cast iron grinding ball, multi-element table, gold cast steel meal ball, high chromium grinding ball, high […]